Literacy Capital charitable mission

In addition to Literacy Capital’s investment objectives and strategy, it also has a charitable mission


Literacy Capital plc will make an annual donation equating to 0.9% of the Company’s net assets, thereby providing consistent, long-term and growing charitable donations as the Fund increases in size


The aim is to advance the education of children in the United Kingdom, in particular by promoting or supporting the development of literacy

One charity that has benefited from support is Bookmark Reading Charity. Bookmark aims to develop a scalable technology solution to match community settings with much needed reading helpers who will support children struggling with literacy


Bookmark will provide a support network for volunteers who want to foster a love of reading and really make a difference in their local communities


Using commercial knowledge and experience, Bookmark aims to make a social impact in an efficient and cost-effective way

The Pindar family believes passionately in Bookmark’s aims and objectives and has therefore agreed to support its initial set-up costs personally