​Literacy Capital plc has a grant-making programme which funds organisations working in the UK to improve children's literacy

More than one in four children leaves primary school every year unable to read to the expected standard. This has to change

The aim is to advance the education of children in the United Kingdom, in particular by promoting or supporting the development of literacy

We would like to work with organisations who share this commitment. In particular, we are keen to work with organisations that offer direct services to improve children's literacy, at the heart of our communities, through an efficient, scalable, sustainable model where our funds will make a significant impact

If you have been invited to apply for a grant, please complete our application form and submit it to:

Email: lcpteam@literacycapital.com

Submission by: Between Monday 4 April 2022 to Friday 15 April 2022.

Please note that organisations may be requested to submit an earlier application, albeit this will be at the discretion and approval of Literacy Capital plc

It is recommended that all grant applicants read the Literacy Capital plc Grant Making Policy to avoid wasting time and costs in applying for grant funding when there is no prospect of success