How we are different

Literacy Capital has a unique structure and approach. This was done deliberately to allows us to do things very differently from the private equity industry. We believe these differences enable us to help deliver outcomes that are more fair and better for our management teams and investors

Our fund is a permanent capital vehicle and never has to return funds to investors - this means we can be long term investors and partners

  • Investment decisions and horizons are therefore not driven by anything other than what is in the best interests of the company and its management team

Directors of Literacy Capital have significant experience in founding and running large businesses. They also have large networks in the UK, helping to add more value to companies we invest in

  • We are aware that management teams of smaller businesses are often incomplete. To address this, we continuously run 'benches' to match talent to relevant gaps or roles within the senior teams of our businesses

  • We have filled 30 Board-level roles across our thirteen portfolio companies. The vast majority of these individuals are highly experienced and well-known to LCP Directors having often worked together in larger organisations for many years​, and can help our businesses accelerate their growth plans

​The employees and Directors of Literacy Capital are financially incentivised to grow the value of the businesses we invest in

  • The majority of Literacy Capital's funding is from members of the team and their family members. We are not incentivised to manage large amounts of capital to generate fees but to grow the value of our investments, aligning us with management and other shareholders

​​Literacy Capital was set up with a unique charitable objective, which it heavily supports both financially and operationally​

  • The fund has pledged to give away 0.9% of net assets every year in cash to support this charitable mission​

  • More than £1.9m has been given away by the end of 2020

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